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About Sasha Cain
I was raised in the suburbs outside of Detroit, Michigan. I went to college at Eastern Michigan University and taught Middle School for several years until my husband and I moved to Florida when he retired from the Sheriff's Department in 2006. I have an amazing son in Colorado and a beautiful stepdaughter in Michigan. 

I always had a love for writing. Even as a child I was constantly writing short stories, poems, and songs, but then I became a grownup. Between kids, my husband, a teaching career, and all of the other little things life throws at us, writing went to the wayside.

When my best friend put the writing bug back in my ear and then lit a fire under my butt, I began writing down the stories in my head, bringing all my characters to life.

So, now it's just them, my husband, myself, our two overly-spoiled cats, and our precious, diva doberman, who is certain she is royalty.
We love living in the sunshine state and no, we don't miss the snow...EVER!

I have several projects in the works right now and if the stars all line up right, hopefully I'll be sharing them with you soon.

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                                                                    Sasha Cain