Sasha Cain
       “You said you wanted me to get you to   
 Avascon,” he whispered huskily. “We could  
 start tonight.”
      “What? Wait, are you suggesting we 
 have sex?”
      “That’s usually how it’s done,” he pointed
      I blew out a breath. “So much for
 chivalry,” I muttered.
      He kissed me on the forehead. “I’m going
 to go take a shower then I’ll meet you in the
      I glared at him as he walked away. Of
 course he’d want something in return. Sex
 with that Neanderthal was not my idea of a
 good time. I grabbed the Mulsket and   
 downed it, startled by the warming sensation 
 the alcohol evoked throughout my body.
      More unfortunately, the candlelight was
 dim and romantic. Things were not working  
 in my favor. The butterflies in my stomach  
 flew around on overtime.
      Before long, I heard Darrios come out of  
 the bathroom. Gone was the caveman. He’d  
 washed and trimmed his hair, and he’d  
 shaved. When he looked at me and smiled, I
 couldn’t breathe. I found myself unable to  
 stop staring. His perfectly sculpted body still 
 glistened with beads of moisture. I couldn’t  
      He put his hands on my waist. He looked 
 into my eyes and all my anger melted away.  
 Wait, no! I needed to stay mad.
      “Suddenly, I’m thinking this idea of yours  
 was a damn good one,” he breathed.
      “Of all the arrogant...My idea? This was  
      “Maggie, can we please argue about this
 later?” he asked, just before he covered my  
 mouth with his.

An excerpt from Return to Celio:
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Sasha Cain has created a world where beauty and danger collide resulting in fiery passion and daring determination…

When Maggie Malone falls through a mysterious door during a Hollywood studio tour and lands in a strange land full of ravenous, man-eating monsters, all she wants, beyond survival, is to return home to her orphaned brother. While the sexy Neanderthal keeping her alive questions her life choices, he marches her halfway across creation but claims he can get her home.

Darrios Derosa is a loner, out to rid his world of the murderous beasts in Celio’s Outer Rim. They took his best friend—he won’t let them take anyone else. The last thing he needs clinging to him is an alluring woman in denial. She wants to be delivered home but doesn’t understand what she’s asking for or how much he wants to give it to her.

Darrios promises to take Maggie to Inland, where she’ll be safe...and from there to Avascon, where she can get home. But first they have to fight the monsters and the fire...the one blazing up between them. Will the flames of their desire bind them together or consume them both...

Winner of the 2011 Fool For Love Contest

Finalist in both the Heartland Romance Author’s Show Me the Spark and Valley of the Sun’s Hot Prospects contests in 2011

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